Der Verein/Club

Herzlich Willkommen auf den Internetseiten des Deutsch-Amerikanischen Freundschaftsclubs – Outreach Kontakt Wiesbaden e.V.

Welcome to the website of the German-American Friendship Club – Outreach Kontakt Wiesbaden e.V.

Let us make you feel at home in Germany … join us!

You will

  • make new friends
  • see Germany & more
  • enjoy new restaurants
  • go out & have fun with activities
  • get help with German train / bus system / tickets
  • learn about German way of living (culture)
  • get advice & assistance in any way needed

… and much more!


Geschichte des Vereins  (deutsch)
History of the club (englisch)




2 Gedanken zu “Der Verein/Club

  1. Hi , we are a new opera company located in Wiesbaden: Pocket Opera Wiesbaden. Our members are both German and American. I myself , the director of the opera company, am a US citizen living and working as an artist in Germany for many years. It would be wonderful if you could support us by posting our event on you social networks. We’re having our big debut this Saturday at the Velvets in Wiesbaden. Dec.12th at 8 pm. We’re performing the magnificent opera „Orfeo ed Euridice “ by Ch. W. Gluck. An evening out for the whole family. Thank you for any support and hope to see you Saturday at the Velvets

    • Hi, like us on Facebook and you can post your events on our Facebook page!
      Kind regards
      Barbara Hennig
      Outreach-Kontakt Wiesbaden

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