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Januar/January 2018

13.01.: Bowling

27.01.:Visit the natural history museum in Mainz. We will meet at 2 pm at the main entrance of the Bahnhof to either catch a train or bus to Mainz. Please bring some change for the ticket with you. After the walk trough the Museum we can explore Mainz City and have some refreshments afterwards.

If you like to join us please resbond till the 25th for the visit to the Museum.

Februar/February 2018

06.02.: Social meeting/Stammtisch and Board election at the Frankenstube, Am Bügerhaus 4, 65205 Wiesbaden starting at 7 pm

11.02.:  Faschingsumzug/Fasching parade starting at 2 pm. Meeting Point is infront of the Restaurant Paulaner

17.02.: Bowling

24.02.: Visit the Frankfurter Zoo and dining out at the Restaurant Meetpackers . Time is tba.

März/March 2018

06.03.: Social meeting/Stammtisch starting 6:30 pm  Location tba.

17.03.: Visit to the Castle in Montabaur time tba.

24.03.: Bowling

April 2018

01.04.: Easter Sunday Brunch is canceled

03.04.: Social meeting/Stammtisch starting 6:30 pm at the Brauhaus in Mz -Kastel

16.04.: Bowling starting at 7pm

22.04.: Trip to the Castel Weilburg incl. a english speaking tour trough the castle. Meeting point is the Brita Arena at 2 pm. If you like to join us please respond till the 21t for the trip.

Mai/May 2018

05.05.: Landesgartenschau in Bad Schwalbach/Visit to the beautiful flower garden in Bad Schwalbach

08.05.: Social meeting/Stammtisch starting 6:30 pm location tba.

19.05.: Bowling

26.05.: Dining out at the Restaurant „Coyote Ugly“ (mexican) starting 7pm. Reservation is required till May 23 rd.

Juni/June 2018

05.06.: Social meeting/Stammtisch starting 6:30 pm location tba.

16.06.: Jährliches BBQ/Annual Outreach-Kontakt-BBQ

17.06.: Erbacher Erdbeerfest/Strawberry fest time tba.

29.06.-04:07: German-American Fest

Juli/July 2017

29.06.-04.07.17: German-American Fest

14.07.: Bowling,  please respond until July 13th

21.07.: Dining out at Restaurant Waldgeist-XXL. We meet at 7pm inside the Restaurant. Reservations is necessary until August 20th.

Address is: Waldgeist, Eiserne Hand 1,65232 Taunusstein 

28.08.: Sommerrodelbahn/summer toboggan run and fun tba.



August 2018

04.08.: Bowling, please respond till August 3rd

07.08.: Social meeting/Stammtisch starting 6:30 pm at the Restaurant Brauhaus in Mz.-Kastel


28.08.:Trip to Castle „Trifels“ incl. a english speaking city tour. The castle was first mentioned in the year 1116/1118. In 1193 or 94 King Richard (Lion Heart) has been captured and locked up inside the tower of the castle.  Time tba


September 2018

Oktober/October 2018

November 2018

Dezember/December 2018


* Information will be updated prior to the events/Informationen werden vor dem Event aktualisiert.
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Phone: 0157 819 199 29


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  1. Hi MeLissa Thresher, welcome to Wiesbaden and please join us for fun activities! Just send us a mail if you like to participate in any event.

    Your Outreach-Kontakt-Team

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